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Our Production Approach

Our philosophy is based on a belief in people and the strength of their stories. We are a tight-knit team of filmmakers and photographers who are passionate about telling meaningful stories with humanity at their core. We believe narrative imagery has the power to transcend audiences. By partnering with socially conscious organizations our mission is to instil change on a broad level.

We work with both large partners as well as grassroots, locally run organizations and we apply the same core filmmaking principles and sensibilities on all projects no matter the scale. By creating a process that allows time in the field for strong casting and story collection, we are able to build a foundation for telling these compelling narratives and impacting audiences.

Every project is unique in its own way, so from the initial creative discussion to final delivery, our focus is creating the best possible package of content depending our partners specific needs and objectives. Our process is to over-plan during the pre-production phase in order to find the most genuine moments in the field.

We love hearing about new project ideas and advising on the best next steps. Regardless of how far a project is developed, we'd love to hear from you.